The Real MVPs

There were a few things I debated writing about. I had everything all typed up and ready to go but honestly after the week we have had with busy and demanding work schedules and Cora being sick— I wanted to change it up a little bit. I feel like this sort of thing isn’t talked about as much as it should be and much of the time it may be something that doesn’t go as noticed as it should and that is: How grandparents are literally Gods gift to earth.

Sickness sucks. Not only do you have to see your baby suffer BUT you also have to worry about them getting the boot from daycare until they are better which means, at least for me, and entire day off —unpaid. Believe me I would LOVE to spend a day hanging out with Cora and soaking up those snuggles but the reality is-I have bills. Bills that have to be paid. And the only way they get paid— is if I’m at work. Danny and I usually do the “every other” method. If he takes a day off then I take the next and it usually works well…usually.

This last week we have had a spread of sickness at daycare which, naturally, my kid picks up almost immediately. To be safe, especially during RSV/Flu season we took her in and thankfully it is neither BUT she was down and out for the count (and currently still slowly mending). You know what pairs well with sickness? Shitty timing. It’s harvest season so Danny is in the field. It’s short staffed season which means I also have to be at work, not to mention I live a champagne life on a beer budget so I can’t afford to take unpaid days. So there’s the good old fork in the road: make my miserable feeling kid go to daycare, drive the 50 miles to work, only to inevitably be called within the hour that she needs to be picked up -OR- bite it and take the day off which is associated with the guilty feeling of leaving my already short staffed co-workers, well, even shorter. But wait…

It’s a bird—- it’s a plane—- it’s.. it’s… the most spectacular thing in the entire world. Grandparents. Swooping in without hesitation to save the day.

I can’t tell you how many times Cora’s grandparents have dropped everything and welcomed her with open arms and with out hesitation on very short notice. Whether it be a last minute pick up at daycare when we are running behind or taking her for a sick day so we can still go to work— or— this absolute banger: taking her for an evening so Danny and I can just have a day/night to ourselves. They don’t do it for money. They don’t expect anything in return. They do it because they are the most selfless, caring, hands-on people on the planet.

It’s not even the helping us part that makes them so great— it’s what they do for our kids. Some of my core memories are with my grandparents. Teaching me to sew my own Halloween costume, playing endless games of Crazy 8s, the conversations and best of all— the lessons. I always knew I had someone I could talk to about anything. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I had my parents, and Cora will undoubtably have her father and I, but who the hell was I going to talk about my parents to! I’m so thankful knowing that the people Danny and I looked to to guide us through our lives will also play a part in guiding our children and teaching them things that we can’t.

I hope that you and your children have someone in your lives that are always in your corner and willing to do anything and everything to help you when you need. I hope you have people there to spoil your kids rotten, teach them to be silly, and give them the kind of love you can’t find anywhere else. For us— it is, and will always be, Grandmas and Grandpas ♥️


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